Class of 2016
Carolyn Grice (Chair)
Sue Skeans
Jon Sloan

Class of 2017
Marilyn Dierks
Mike O'Bradovich
Russ Palmer

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The purpose of the Policy and Polity Committee is to

  • Study, review and make recommendations to the Presbytery regarding overtures and proposed amendments coming from or to the Presbytery.
  • Provide an annual training program for Clerks of Session.
  • Provide for a review of the Minutes and other Records, Rolls, and Registers of every Session according to a schedule determined and communicated by the Committee.
  • Notify the Presbytery of changes in The Book of Order that require amending of the Presbytery Bylaws or A Manual of Administrative Operations.
  • Familiarize Presbytery leadership with the Standards of Ethical Conduct
  • Advise the Presbytery with respect to their membership and to that of their committees, boards, agencies, and other units in implementing the principles of participation and inclusiveness to ensure fair and effective representation in the decision making of the church.

The Policy and Polity Committee is composed of three (3) teaching elders and six (6) ruling elders divided into three (3) equal classes, one of which is elected each year by the Presbytery, in rotating classes, each for three years. Members may fill a partial term of two years or fewer caused by a vacancy, and then may be elected in their own right to serve two consecutive terms. The Stated Clerk of Presbytery is an Ex-officio member, without vote.