Class of 2018
Michelle Bremer
Nick Dougherty (Co-Chair)
Lois Feddersen
Mary Thomsen

Class of 2019

Joyce Faltis-Serenil
Janet Gilcrest
Suzanne Gorhau

Class of 2020
Debbie Kippley (Co-Chair)
Kip Kippley
Emad Tawadrous

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The purpose of the Mission Committee is to

  • Serve as a catalyst for connecting individuals and congregations with opportunities for mission education, mission interpretation, and active participation in mission programs offered by local congregations, Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly.
  • Assist the congregations of the Presbytery in their own interpretive tasks of mission programs of higher councils of the denomination.
  • Provide oversight responsibility for the mission involvement of the Presbytery.
  • Develop and administer a system of administration for the granting of regular and special mission funds any other mission-designated funds entrusted to the Committee by Presbytery.

The Mission Committee is composed of three (3) teaching elders, three (3) ruling elders, and three (3) other members (presbyters or lay members) divided into three (3) equal classes, one of which is elected each year by the Presbytery, in rotating classes, each for three years. Members may fill a partial term of two years or fewer caused by a vacancy, and then may be elected in their own right to serve two consecutive terms.

The Committee will have an ongoing relationship with and provide budget oversight for the Sudanese Ministries Working Group and the Hispanic/ Latino Ministries Working Group, each of which report to the Presbytery through the Mission Committee.