Welcome to the Presbytery

      of Missouri River Valley

... of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  We are composed of 43
Congregations and two Fellowships
in the
area of Greater Omaha and Southwestern Iowa.
heart of the Presbytery ... is discerning God's call,
cultivating relationships with one another, and engaging
in mission locally and globally.

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  mrvp 02 200
Belleuve NE - Anderson Grove
Omaha NE - New Life
Omaha NE - Hope
Council Bluffs IA - Glendale
Shelby IA
Villisca IA
Hamburg IA - Trinity
Essex IA
Missouri Valley IA
Fort Calhoun NE
Omaha NE - Faithful Shepherd_01_2004_64
Omaha NE - Discovery
Council Bluffs IA - Westminster
Elkhorn NE - Peace
Council Bluffs IA - New Horizon
Council Bluffs IA - Bethany
Omaha NE - Mount View
Red Oak IA
Omaha NE - Dundee
College Springs IA
Omaha NE - Florence
Omaha NE - Underwood Hills
Sidney IA - United_Faith
Carson IA
Neola IA
Omaha NE - Church of Master
Carter Lake IA
Murray NE
Omaha NE - Westminster
Clarinda IA - Westminster
Oakland - Sharon IA
Walnut IA
Council Bluffs IA - Gethsemane
Omaha NE - West Hills
Plattsmouth NE
Omaha NE - First
Valley NE - United Faith Community
Omaha NE - Church of Cross
Bellevue NE - First
Omaha NE - Korean
Shenandoah IA
Clarinda IA - Trinity
LaVista NE - faith